NC IBIS - Integrated Budget Information System

The North Carolina Integrated Budget System (NC IBIS) is a centralized, web-based solution for North Carolina state government budgeting and performance management. IBIS replaces the state’s mainframe and Oracle systems and provides a new system for state agencies and OSBM to perform budget planning, development and execution activities.

The IBIS go-live date for Budget Execution functionality is July 1, 2013. Statewide training for Budget Execution components was conducted from May 1 through June 13. Training on Budget Development components will be offered in the fall of 2013 prior to the Legislative Short Session. Click here for more details.


IBIS Events and Training

Fall 2013

Budget Development Statewide Training - Budget Development components enabled

September 1, 2013

Go-Live for Capital Budget Revisions and Capital Allotments

July 1, 2013

Go-Live for Budget Execution (excluding Capital Budget Revisions and Capital Allotments)